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G.C Food – The largest Aloe Vera company in Vietnam.

“Agriculture is the CHARM, increasing value of agricultural product is the FATE. It is imspossible to avoid the fate, let’s make the sustained to do with full of LOVES and DETERMINATIONS “

MR. NGUYEN VAN THU – General Manager

G.C Food – Safe Food – Happy Life

Every year, G.C Food produces more than 1000 tons of Aloe Vera for local manufacturers and export to Japan, USA, Korea, China…

• Address: Lot V-2E, Ho Nai Industrial Zone, Road No. 11, Ho Nai 3 Ward, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province.
• Business: Food processing and trading
• Main products: Produce and process products from aloe vera, coconut and coconut jelly, coffee of all kinds, chilli and raw materials from chili, spices such as onions, garlic…

Innovation and Research

Strength and future

You have the right to treading water in place or continually try to get over yourself. Since its inception, GC has been doubled every year in terms of size, number of products, number of customers … all thanks to the investment in research and innovation to meet the demand. Customers with the best quality products. And you will see G.C continue to grow in 10-20 years..

Enthusiastic team

responsible and loving agriculture

G.C Food brings together responsible young people for agriculture and is always ready to move forward to achieve the results. The harshness of accomplishment requires achievement. You will find the thirst, burning fire when talking to anyone at G.C. We respect the youth, respect the daring and always create conditions for young people to express themselves to increase social values..

Partner of G.C Food

Companion together – Grow up together

G.C Food’s Group strives to provide partners with high quality products, competitive prices and fast delivery.

Good food makes people happier !
The General Manager of G.C Food
Thinking, speaking, doing and consistent with how to provide quality food for the customer

GC Food Joint Stock Company, established in 2011 by the youth founders with aspiration of applying modern technology into Vietnamese agricultural production industry to bring to consumers safe and quality products. Until now, GC food has focused on producing Aloe Vera and Nata De Co Co Jelly which brings us to become one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam, both in domestic market and exporting market of Japan and Korea as well. Besides traditional markets, GC food has been developing the new markets, exspecially exporting to the US.









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If you need any help from G.C, please contact hotline:

+84 8989.204.68
GC Food is the largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco in Vietnam. With a passion for agriculture, love for farmers and a professional reputation in production, over the past 7 years, GC Food has grown to become the leader of Vietnam's Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco product line. GC Food is gradually expanding into other ingredients in the right way with Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco.