Nata De Coco For Beverage

Size: square 3x3x3mm, 4x4x4 mm, 5x5x5 mm or the required size
Ingredients: Coconut jelly / sugar water: 80:20, 60:40, 50:50 … or according to customer request.
Packing: packed in PE / PA bag with 10-20-30kg / pack
Shelf life: Quality guaranteed for 1 year after production

GC Food is the largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco in Vietnam. With a passion for agriculture, love for farmers and a professional reputation in production, over the past 7 years, GC Food has grown to become the leader of Vietnam's Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco product line. GC Food is gradually expanding into other ingredients in the right way with Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco.