Honey Apple

Coming to Ninh Thuan is coming to the land of sunshine and wind. People often have the phrase “wind like Phan and sunshine like Rang to simulate the harshness of natural conditions here. The average heat is 26 – 270C. The lowest rainfall in the whole country averages 700 – 800mm. Under the impact of global climate change, the more adverse weather conditions are. However, above all, Ninh Thuan’s agricultural activities are constantly developing in both width and depth. Many people know of Ninh Thuan’s grapes, onions, garlic products, etc., now green apples are also a very popular item.

Do not know people have come to the green apple garden, but I have not been there many times.

  • Sometimes I come to the green apple garden on a clear morning mist. At that time, the first rays of sunlight were gently passing through each leaf gap, turning layers of mist, gradually revealing the vibrant, round apples. Sometimes I go to apple orchard in the hot afternoon. At that time, the apple orchard was a green, air-conditioned garden. Where I was immersed to admire and enjoy the fresh sweet apples. Other times I would return to the apple orchard late one afternoon. At that time, the last afternoon sun was coming down the mountain and the apple garden gradually fell into the quiet scenery. It can be said that every time I came to apple orchard, I experienced but different emotions. Life is truly an experience for us to know more, love this life more.

Like grapes, apple orchards are grown on poor soils, the acidity of alum is high but also filled with the sweetness of potassium.

  • So almost all fruit trees are grown very high sweetness. Green apples are grown quite a lot in Ninh Thuan, in the districts of Ninh Son, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Hai and around Phan Rang – Thap Cham. Among them, perhaps the apple orchards that I have visited the most are in Thanh Hai commune, a suburb of Phan Rang – Thap Cham.
  • Called green apples to distinguish them from the foreign varieties of apples that people are familiar with called the bombs are purple or dark red. Green apples, also called apple apples, hawthorns, scientific name (Ziziphus mauritiana), are tropical fruit trees, native to Africa. Apples are small, only a very solid particle, the two ears turn into spikes. The appropriate temperature for apple trees is from 25-320C, need more light. Apples can live in many types of soil but the most appropriate is sandy loam, riverside alluvium, moist enough, a pH of 5-7. Apple roots are rooted in shape, thriving and deep, so it is good against storms and windbreakers. Green apples are also very good drought-tolerant plants, lacking in water they are still green and produce many flowers in each crop. However, when the fruit blossomed, apples needed water; lack of small fruit juice, acrid, wither and falling off. But if there is a lot of rain, it is easy to discolour, pale fruits, cracked skin, damage the line, causing serious loss.

In short, green apples are a crop that helps people in Ninh Thuan escape poverty and diversify local agricultural products. The nutritional value of green apples is very high so this will be a very potential item, promising to bring a stable source of income for people in the sunny, windy areas of Phan Rang. However, for apple farming to bring long-term benefits, it is necessary first to have the right direction; Three closely connected houses: farmer – state – scientist. Farmers need to be active in learning new methods. Scientists need to research varieties, improve techniques and research on how to prevent pests. The State acts as a locomotive to support capital, plan, call for investment and seek, ensure that the output is a market for products.

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