Vietnamese aloe vera king’s heart for farmers

Nguyen Van Thu – stop being a manager banker to be friends with farmers

Before working as general director of G.C Food, which has a reputation in the domestic and foreign markets for completely natural products from aloe vera, few people know that entrepreneur Nguyen Van Thu used to be the manager at a commercial bank with the income that many people dream of. But when he realized the economic value that aloe vera could bring to businesses, farmers, and consumers, he had a very bold choice to abandon the bank to move to a very new business in the Vietnamese market at that time.

As a pioneer in the production and business of aloe vera on a large scale, Mr. Thu and G.C Food have faced many difficulties in persuading farmers to believe and follow them. In the beginning, farmers refused to supply goods to G.C Food because of the little procurement that requires much, but with perseverance and evidence of reality, Mr. Thu and his partners had to go to the place to guide their relatives on how to grow and take care of new VietGAP process, less fertilization and no spraying but still high yield.

According to Mr. Thu’s considerations, aloe vera grown from 8 months to 1 year is harvestable, lasting for a period of 5-6 years. Once a month, each pole collects about 3 tons (sold on less than 1 million VND/ton), each household grows from 3 to 5 poles, so it ensures a fairly stable income of 30-40 million VNĐ per pole per year. Since then, farmers have believed in the business, believed in the ability of a plant, attached to aloe vera and ensured that the business never cut off raw materials. Currently, G.C Food combines with farmers to create a raw material source of about 3,000 tons of aloe vera leaves per month. This is the raw material with money to buy a lot, the market is not available for sale, so G.C Food Company always pays close to the sales, production plans make it suitable for the harvest of farmers.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thu - General Director of G.C Food, who is known as the king of Aloe Vera in Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Van Thu - General Director of G.C Food, who is known as the king of Aloe Vera in Vietnam

During 7 years of establishment and development, under the steering of captain Nguyen Van Thu, G.C Food has become the largest aloe vera company in Vietnam with a factory capacity using 100 tons of raw materials per day, customers are large corporations in the country and exported to 15 countries in the world. 

The presence of G.C Food on the barren land of Ninh Thuan has helped hundreds of farmers have a stable income, live with aloe vera, thereby trusting and determined to stick with the company. Moreover, G.C Food also helps to change the thinking of farmers in the direction of sustainable development, responsible to the community


Nguyen Van Thu – See farmers as company employees

With this very humane and new view, despite being the largest aloe vera producer and processing company in Vietnam and almost no competitors in the market, G.C Food took advantage of that to squeeze farmers’ prices, he resolutely: “We have to make sure the farmers live. We have to see them as employees in the business. If businesses and farmers discuss long-term business on the basis of sustainable agricultural product development, then human love and trees will be strong and forever bloom for life”, this is a very humane business view that Mr. Thu and GC Food’s board of directors have set out from the very first day of establishment and consistently implemented throughout the development process. Therefore, farmers increasingly trust and stick with the company and the company is also assured of production and business because of stable raw materials.


G.C Food's factory in Ho Nai Industrial Park - Dong Nai Province

One thing that is extremely cherished in him is always listening to the minds and aspirations of consumers, thereby researching and producing high-quality products, meeting food hygiene and safety standards at reasonable prices for anyone to use. G.C Food’s employees in all positions are trained to meet the job requirements and are well aware of the importance of “Safe food – Happy life” customer safety products.

Referring to Entrepreneur Nguyen Van Thu is referring to a person who always lives and thrives constantly and always wants to bring farmers all year round to turn off the dark side of a better life on his own land. This once again affirms the big mind of a big business owner.


G.C Food aloe vera is available on the market
G.C Food aloe vera is available on the market

“As Vietnamese child, I always have a lot of concerns and concerns when I witness the miserable life of the people of central Vietnam where the climate is extremely harsh, all year round living with so many difficulties and hardships, when the drought when the floods are constant, so I always put all my enthusiasm into the development of the company and social security , just hope that we can contribute a small part to further improve the lives of farmers.” Entrepreneur Nguyen Van Thu confided more.

As they say: what comes from the heart will come to the heart. The desire to help farmers change their minds, develop sustainable agriculture, have a good, stable life, peace of mind to stick with the homeland of entrepreneur Nguyen Van Thu after many years of perseverance and is expressed by specific jobs has convinced farmers of the barren land Ninh Thuan trust and follow. Previously, when making a product, farmers sold and collected money is finished, but now, when participating in the value chain that G.C Food has created, aloe vera farmers also follow every step of the company’s development because they understand that: the company grows, their lives and families will be guaranteed.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thu received the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2018 by Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association
Mr. Nguyen Van Thu received the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2018 by Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association

With all the dedication of a pole-bearer, 2018 can be considered as one of his most successful years and a whole team when G.C Food is honored to receive the Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2018. It is known that the Vietnam Gold Star award is a very noble award for large enterprises, with strong financial potential and seniority in the market. G.C Food is shortlisted for the last time. However, after three rounds: preliminary selection, practical appraisal at the enterprise and general selection, G.C Food was selected by the National General Council of Vietnam Gold Star Award as one of 200 excellent enterprises to award the Vietnam Gold Star 2018.


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