Agricultural division

Job agronomist in our agriculture division. If you have experience as an agronomist, are you confident user MS offices, you have a driver’s license “D” category, we invite you for an interview.

Your main task of carrying out agronomic research and participation in agricultural development strategy. The agricultural division is engaged in growing grains and oilseeds.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Planning, execution and analysis
  • Budgeting agronomic research
  • Control of agronomic research
  • Preparation of reports for agronomy Committee
  • Revealing facts deviation from established standards
  • Formation of planned and current reports

Skills and experience

  • Agronomic higher education
  • The experience of Agronomic Research
  • Driving license cat. “D”
  • Knowledge and experience with the cultivation of crops
  • Responsibility, demands, organizational skills, confidence
  • Experience as an agronomist at least 3 years


Agricultural division


New York, NY, US


Agronomic higher education


From $45K per year


Up to 7 people in subjection


Car, payment of fuel, insurance

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