USDA quality

Plantation of Aloe Vera of 30-Hectare GC in Ninh Thuan province. Aloe Vera is grown here according USDA standards – USA for natural products, good for health of consumers.

  •  Area: 30 hectares.
  •  Make sure the aloe vera leaves grow well to achieve the best nutrient content.
  •  Supplying over 1,000 tons of leaves per month.


High nutritional value

GC Food Co. develops, manages quality and commits itself to a long term purchase of coconut material in Ben Tre Province.

  • Coconut fat: 1.9 tons of coconut / ha
  • 65% Oil content
  • Coconut is very sweet (brix = 7-9%).


Organic and organic food

G.C Food builds a 100 hectare organic farm in Ninh Thuan meeting the USDA – US standards to meet the needs of high quality food customers.

  • Organic vegetables
  • Fruit Fish
  • Pigs

Factory & Technology

Safe Food - Happy Life!

G.C Food believes that good food increases the quality of life and happiness.


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GC Food is the largest manufacturer of Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco in Vietnam. With a passion for agriculture, love for farmers and a professional reputation in production, over the past 7 years, GC Food has grown to become the leader of Vietnam's Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco product line. GC Food is gradually expanding into other ingredients in the right way with Aloe Vera and Nata De Coco.